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Celebrate Contemporary Art with...

Celebrate Contemporary Art with...

The new book edited by Art and Australia Features:
•    Profiles of 80 artists from Australia and New Zealand
•    Five essays by leading curators
•    Roundtable discussion on contemporary Indigenous art
•    Over 240 pages of images

Special direct order price for Australia: A$105 (save $15 of the R.R.P.).

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Celebrate Contemporary Art with...
Celebrate Contemporary Art with...
Celebrate Contemporary Art with...
Celebrate Contemporary Art with...

About Current

Here comes a survey of new Australasian art whose title seems to signal something different … When you use the word ‘current’, you’re acknowledging that there was art before this moment and that there’ll be more to come
Justin Paton, Author of How to Look at a Painting

Current: Contemporary Art from Australia and New Zealand is the first comprehensive survey of all that is cutting edge in Australian and New Zealand contemporary practice. In a landmark publication, the book features eighty artists, carefully chosen to best reflect the vibrancy of art of the moment. While Current could be seen as a hot list of contemporary taste in the tradition of Taschen’s Art Now, inclusivity is the book’s abiding theme. Current is also underpinned by scholarship with commissioned essays by the region’s leading writers and curators.

Current’s beautifully designed pages are filled with many names familiar to followers of contemporary art – including Paddy Bedford, Simryn Gill, Ah Xian, Tracey Moffatt, Shaun Gladwell and Del Kathryn Barton – along with some of the region’s freshest new talents, such as Benjamin Armstrong, Monica Tichacek, Rohan Wealleans, Francis Upritchard and Sean Cordeiro & Claire Healy, whose photograph of the contents of a German apartment wrapped in orange twine graces the book’s front cover.

Current captures the unique essence of contemporary practice in Australia and New Zealand, charged with the dynamic between Indigenous, western and Asian cultures. The eighty selected artists encompass a diversity of culture and subject and employ every available medium, from painting, photography and performance to installation and video art.

Current’s contextual essays are written by leading authorities in their fields, including Robert Leonard, Victoria Lynn, Justin Paton, Rachel Kent, Nick Waterlow and Brenda L. Croft, who has convened an important roundtable of Indigenous curators to explore the question of the contemporary within Aboriginal art.

Read articles on Current artists from the Art & Australia archive:
1 Article on Current in The Australian.pdf
Adam CullenVol41No3.pdf
Amanda MarburgVol42No4pdf.pdf
Ben Quilty Vol45No1.pdf
Benjamin Armstrong Vol45No4.pdf
Bill HensonVol42No3.pdf
Bill HensonVol46No1.pdf
Brent Harris Vol42No1.pdf
Brook Andrew Vol40No3.pdf
Callum Morton Vol42No4.pdf
Cherry Hood Vol41No3.pdf
Dale Frank Vol42No2.pdf
Daniel Crooks Vol42No4.pdf
Daniel Crooks Vol46No2.pdf
Darren Sylvester Vol46No2.pdf
David Noonan Vol43No1.pdf
David Noonan Vol46No1.pdf
Del Kathryn Barton Vol42No1.pdf
Del Kathryn Barton Vol45No3.pdf
Destiny Deacon Vol42No4.pdf
Fiona Hall Vol39No2.pdf
Fiona Hall Vol43No1.pdf
George Tjungurrayi Vol44No4.pdf
Hany Armanious Vol39No2.pdf
Healy & Cordeiro Vol44No2.pdf
James Angus Vol40No4.pdf
James Angus Vol42No4.pdf
James Lynch Vol43No4.pdf
James Morrison Vol43No1.pdf
Jessica Rankin Vol45No3.pdf
John Mawurndjul Vol42No1.pdf
Jonathan Jones Vol43No2.pdf
Julie Dowling Vol40No3.pdf
Julie Rrap Vol45No3.pdf
Laurence Aberhart Vol46No1.pdf
Louise WeaverVol44No3.pdf
Mike Parr Vol40No1.pdf
Mike Parr Vol41No2.pdf
Ms & Mr Vol45No2 copy.pdf
Nick Mangan Vol42No2.pdf
Nick Mangan Vol46No1.pdf
Paddy Bedford Vol44No1.pdf
Paddy Bedford Vol45No2.pdf
Pat Brassington Vol41No4.pdf
Patricia Piccinini Vol37No4.pdf
Richard Killeen Vol45No2.pdf
Ricky Swallow Vol40No3.pdf
Ricky Swallow Vol42No3.pdf
Ricky Swallow Vol42No4.pdf
Ron Mueck Vol45No2.pdf
Ronnie van Hout Vol46No1.pdf
Rosemary Laing Vol42No4.pdf
Rosemary LaingVol44No4.pdf
Sangeeta SandrasegarVol44No2.pdf
Shane Cotton Vol46No1.pdf
Shaun GladwellVol44No4.pdf
Shaun GladwellVol45No4.pdf
Simryn GillVol42No2.pdf
Stephen BirchVol42No4.pdf
Todd McMillan Vol45No2.pdf
Tony SchwensenVol46No2.pdf
Tracey MoffattVol41No2.pdf
Tracey MoffattVol43No2.pdf
Tracey MoffattVol43No4.pdf
TV Moore Vol42No4.pdf
Vernon Ah Kee Vol45No4.pdf
Yvonne Todd Vol46No1.pdf

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